Sark is the World's First Dark Sky Islandstarry skies 1

We’ve always known that our stunning night skies are something special but now they’ve been given international recognition as Sark was designated the world’s first Dark Sky Island at the beginning of February 2011. The process began over a year before when local stargazer Felicity Belfield read about Galloway Park in Scotland being singled out for the quality of its night sky. The International Dark-sky Association (IDA) was contacted and so began a year of assessment and community consultation. Without cars and street lighting the only light pollution here is a distant glow from Guernsey, Jersey and France. This means that the night sky is very dark with the Milky Way stretching form horizon to horizon and thousands of stars on display. The news of Sark’s designation has captured a great deal of media attention and has reached around the world. With an increasing public interest in astronomy it’s hoped that Sark’s dark skies will encourage more visitors to the island, particularly during the months with the longer nights. For those of us who live here it’s another affirmation that Sark is a very special place.
Starry Skies 2

Photographs of the Milky Way over Sark by Sue Daly 

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